June 2016

Gathering the Women of Film


Avrec Art House welcomed dozens of women filmmakers to an event hosted by Utah Women in Film, in association with Utah Film Commission and Motion Picture Association of Utah. This event was a prime opportunity for women filmmakers of Utah to network with each other, learn of each other's endeavors, and also hear from the [...]

An Evening with Michael Hausman


We recently had the true honor of hosting one of Hollywood's most decorated producers and assistant directors, Michael Hausman. Michael has produced and worked as an assistant director on films like Man on the Moon, Gangs of New York, Brokeback Mountain, Silkwood, Amadeus, and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. . Having an event where [...]

Meet in Meatspace


One of the most prolific advancements that digital technology has ushered into our modern day is the ability to have instant and undivided communication with nearly anyone from anywhere. Such technology has facilitated so much within the common way of life. Likewise, communication in business and art has never been easier. If someone can't make [...]

Holy Freakin’ Hell


Last night we were fortunate enough to host the talented Will Allen, director of the 2016 Sundance select film Holy Hell about Allen's personal experience of being in a spiritual cult, and uncovering some of the dark and disturbing realities from the inside out. The movie screened the night before as part of the Utah [...]

May 2016

The Spit Went Down!


Llama Nation screened at Avrec last night and we had a great turn out for the indie documenatry feature. What made us even more proud was the fact that it was produced by one of our own, an Avrec Art House Member, John Meier. We had heard the buzz, we'd met the filmmakers, we had [...]

October 2015

Sharpie Wall Logo


Overhead projector bought off KSL Classifieds + two sharpies + two hours = a wall we are pretty stoked about!

August 2015

320 S 300 E


Those coordinates became quite momentous today... because they represent a new home for Avrec Art House. We are coming up on a year since Dallin and I dreamed up this new company and it has evolved and changed into something we are pretty excited about. Ok, we are REALLY excited about. You know that idea [...]